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No Place Like Chrome by Essie

Hi guys!!

I wanted to share with you a nail polish that I fell in love with this past week. On Tuesday, I wanted a solid colored nail look for the event I was attending but didn't want the usual soft colors "hint the season' so I decided to step out of my element and chose Essie's No Place Like Chrome! Little did I know this nail polish came out in 2012 and was accompanied by multiple colors from the Mirror Metallics CollectionThis nail color has a sleek foil of silver with a thick coating that's perfect for blending. You truly do get the "mirror" effect in multiple brush strokes. I am tempted to try the others... Especially the Nothing Else Metals (in my fave color: purple)! 

You can find Essie products at your local pharmacy, Ultra, Walmart and Target.

Have you tried Essie's Metallic Collection? If so, which shade?

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1 comment:

Anca Fratila said...

Love the nail colour!

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