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Take Advantage of Deals

Shopping with coupons. It's one of my main hobbies and I think about it approximately 99% of the time. This hobby of mine has become an obsession causing me to also save every buck I can. Over the past few years, I've learned to search and create a savings list for the things I need, adore and most of all "must have".

Whenever I plan to go on a trip or shop for an upcoming holiday/event, I make sure that I find savings from my favorite stores by doing the following:

  1. Sign Up to Your Stores E-Mailing/Mailing List for coupons. I usually go to a boutiques website and sign up for their newsletters which they normally send weekly to monthly with sales and discounts. This is very helpful as I don't have to search for the discount/coupon - sent directly to my email or postal address.
  2. Download an App related to your store. I have found apps very useful as I don't have to waste paper to print out an in-store coupon. Most stores simply scan your coupon directly from your phone and voilĂ  you have instant savings! Some apps such as RetailMeNot offers in store discounts and online promo codes (based on the stores preference).  
  3. Buy your local newspaper for savings. There are some stores that only advertise in forms of print which allows its readers a savings advantage. 
Listed above are my personal ways to save. I do recommend you find whats suitable for you.

Tell me, how do you save on shopping? Do you compile a list of coupons from your favorite stores?

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