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To Mom: With Love

Mothers' Day is today, but like every other day it's the perfect time to express how much your mom truly means to you. As a daughter, I have always looked up to my mom - wanted to dress like her, look like her and most of all BE just like her. Every obstacle and trial I have experienced (so far) in my life, my mom has been there. She has always been my comforter and encourager. I am sure many others may say, my mother is the Best Mother in the World!!! 

I know words can not express how much I adore, respect and love my mother, but I thought that dedicating this post to her is the least I could do. I encourage everyone to always tell your mom as much as you can that you truly thank her for all that she does - because it's Mothers Day!

"I hope one day, I can be HALF the woman you are." 

- To Mom: With Love

What are you doing to celebrate your mom? 

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