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What's in my travel bag?

I recently went on a quick trip to Florida for a wedding and thought I should share what I had in my travel bag. My travel bag is always equipped with necessities as well as comfort items to keep my trip simple yet pleasurable. 

What's in my travel bag? Well, I like to have a medium to large size bag so that I can store as much as I can to make things convenient for me in my transition on and off the plane. 

My iPad & iPhone: These items are a must for my travel bag. I can read books, watch movies/television shows and even schedule my blog posts all while on the plane. However, in case my iPhone dies, I have my iPad to make phone calls when needed. My iPhone is a "DEFINITE" must for my travel bag as I can't seem to function without it. It's small, mobile and stores practically every basic info needed to get around. I even have my coupons organised ever so likely in my phone. 

Reading Material: Although my iPad has plenty of books for me to read, I often find magazines another necessity to help pass time and to help me fall asleep (especially on international flights). Plus, magazines are great inspirations for new blog topics. 

Passport: Since living in Bermuda, my passport has been one of my best friends. It's a constant reminder to myself that when traveling internationally to 'always' remember your passport or you will be left behind. (sounds sad when you think about it)

Hand sanitizer: I don't know about you guys, but I am not a fan of unclean hands. The airport has thousands of people who travel from  across the world and you can not believe how many people do not wash their hands. I often bring my hand sanitizer as a personal safety for my health and for others. Check out Bath and Body Works for their ample collection of hand sanitizers. They come in many different sizes and amazing scents. Pictured above is scent titled A Walk in The Woods. (1 fl oz - perfect travel size)

Lip gloss & Lipstick: Sometimes I like to mix my lip gloss with my lipsticks. So, just in case an unexpected event is about to happen.. I think having different lip options are a must for my travel bag. See the pictured items here: NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer, Maybelline Summer Sunset & Rimmel LONDON Stay Glossy

Perfume: This item is a must for my travel bag. I often find that perfume comes in handy when you want to wake up your senses after a long flight. Plus, don't you want to smell nice?!  Pictured above is one of my favorite scents from Rue 21 called Electric Heart, the perfect refreshing scent after a long rough day of traveling. 

Tell me, what do you pack in your travel bag?

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