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A Lovely Evening at Marcus Bermuda

When I was made aware that Marcus Bermuda was opening, I made it my plan to go as soon as possible. Around 6:30 Saturday evening, my husband and I, with a lovely couple attended Marcus Bermuda at Hamilton Princess and Beach Club as a double date. 

We truly enjoyed ourselves with fine Caribbean and Portuguese cuisines. The atmosphere of the new restaurant is relaxing but fun and festive. Great place to go all year round. 

For our starter, my husband and I had the fish chowder bites and the cornbread. Both freshly made and prepared with love. May I add, how darn tasty they were! I was unable to take photos of our main course as we were too busy enjoying it however, I can say my husband had the Catch of the Day which was Mahi and I thoroughly enjoyed the Blackened Fish and Grits. 

The dessert was an adorable three choice of ice cream and/or sorbet (mix n' match). My husband and I decided to split the dessert which were in different flavors: One mimicking the brownie flavor and the other in a subtle blueberry flavor as for the sorbet it was in a basic watermelon.

Please enjoy the photo collage below.

There were 5 fish chowder  bites originally plated. My husband couldn't wait lol!

Outfit Details:
Blue Cardigan: Charlotte Russe | Dress: Forever 21 | 
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

When you are in Bermuda, don't forget to stop by Marcus Bermuda for a great meal! 

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