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My Favorite iPhone Apps

Hello all! I thought I'd share my favorite iPhone apps with you. I am sure that you may be aware of some apps, but I figured you might find a couple that you have never heard of. Happy app shopping and let me know your favorites too. 

Typic: I am absolutely obsessed with this app! I often use this app when I need to layer text on top of my photo before posting on Instagram. Its perfect to add icons and filters to your photo. Did you know that you can even resize your photo in this app? Try it!

VSCOcam: I'm sure everyone has heard of this app.. although I do not use this app as often as I should. I find it to be very classic and organic when editing any photo. This app is perfect for photographers & bloggers who want to share their photo to the VSCO community.

Latergramme: If you are always on the go like me, Latergramme is a great app to schedule your Instagram posts. I use this app for my magazine social page as I find it helpful to keep me organized and on time. Although it does not post the photos for you - it's an easy application to setup your photos and when the time comes it sends a  cute reminder to your phone to share!

American: Everyone knows gates can quickly change which causes much stress when you are trying to make connecting flights. Since I am an advantage member I often use my AA app to check my flight schedule. This is so helpful especially when your dashing through the airport. 

Hertz: When my husband and I travel we love renting cars for our vacation journey. I enjoy this app because I can find great deals at my fingertips and quickly reserve my car while I am waiting for my next flight to board. Its sort of a life saver especially when your flight has been delayed. 

Gas Buddy: not only are you finding the cheapest gas in your area, but you are also able to report where cheaper gas is found which gives you points to later redeem for free prizes. Who doesn't love to save money while getting free stuff?! 

Retailmenot: I love to shop! Who doesn't?! If you read my blog often, you will remember my post Take Advantage of Deals and how I love to save money and use the Retailmenot app in the process. This app really does help me save at least 10% to 50% off at my favorite stores (when I am in the states) *wink* *wink*. 

Groupon: Similar to retailmenot, Groupon offers deals from your local shops and places you would never think of. I recall looking on groupon for massage services and found great offers. You never know what you can save on until you try! :)

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