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ShopHack: Pay Less For Everything

With the cost of living continue to rise, we have to become smarter with our money and how we spend it. Do you want to save more money buying groceries at the right time of the month instead of the wrong time of the month? Well, try ShopHack; it's the one place where you can save on just about everything without becoming flustered about the cost of living.

What is ShopHack?
ShockHack assists the average consumer to become an informed shopper. You can save on consumer electronics, groceries, cars and clothing - isn't that amazing! ShopHack helps you to learn with what goes on behind closed doors. You will pay less than the next  guy at the grocery counter.

It's time to put money back into your pocket.

The team of ShopHack are dedicated members to gather information, condense it into actionable processes that will save you the most money with the least effort.

How can ShopHack benefit the average consumer? 
With ShopHack, you are bound to save more money allowing you to spend on things needed. 

  • Invest your savings
  • Save more money for your child(ren)'s college
  • Sharing your knowledge with others about ShopHack - allowing everyone the opportunity to save
  • Pay off debt
  • Start a business

......& MORE!!

Read about the creator of ShopHack's story below:

"Hi, I'm Emilie and I used to hate grocery shopping. I'd always come out of the store with more than I needed and having spent way more money than I wanted to. I was always overwhelmed trying to "compare prices" and looking for the "best deal." After years and years of failing at being frugal, I was ready to throw in the towel and just accept that this would be how life was. Then I met a friend who was feeding her family of 5, three growing teenagers at that, for less than $100 a month- and I knew that I had to learn it all.
I knew that it had to be my responsibility to share this with more people. How often have you bought bread to see it go BOGO the next day? There is nothing more frustrating!
One recent afternoon, I walked into the grocery store after an hour of preparation.  Not too long after, I walked out of that grocery store with MORE money than I walked in with. I made that store PAY ME to shop there. I was astonished by this possibility. And even more surprising, I could not believe other people weren't doing this too. Over time, from continuous application of these techniques; I have been able to save an average of 35% on my grocery store purchases. With just 15 minutes a couple of times per week, I've been able to significantly cut down my grocery bill so I could pay off my student debt and work towards financial freedom.
I want to help the average consumer become informed like I have. And not just with groceries, either. Consumer electronics, clothing, cars, you name it - having knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes always means you get to pay less than the next guy, and that's what I want to put in this field guide. Me and a small team of my dedicated friends plan to not only gather this information, but to condense it into actionable processes that will save you the most money with the least effort. To do that, I need your help.
Right now we have the most experience in a systematic way for buying groceries, and so that's what will form the core of the ShopHack Field Guide. Throughout the funding process we'll be polling you guys to see what other areas of consumer goods you're interested in to see how we can best allocate our funding to acquire the key knowledge that'll keep you 'in the know'. At the end of the day, our goal is to make you a more informed consumer so you can take better control of your financing."

To learn more about ShopHack, visit Emilie's website and how you can support this cause

1 comment:

Kayla Peeples said...

Will definitely look into this. Gathering up all the advice and budget habits I come across so when I get my out on my own, I can shop more and pay less! Great feature.

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