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Harbour Nights Bermuda


Last night was a great night out. The city was packed with locals and tourists shopping all things Bermuda! If you are ever in Bermuda, you must attend Harbour Nights. What is Harbour Nights you say.. it's an eventful evening showcasing Bermuda's best!

Every Wednesday night from 7pm to 10pm, the city of Hamilton closes Front Street to vehicles and makes it readily available for everyone to enjoy live music and entertainment; from The Gombeys to The Bermuda Regiment Band in full apparel. Not only will you enjoy the live entertainment, but you will also find many food and arts + crafts vendors for your shopping needs.

It's a great experience even if you are only taking a stroll along Front Street. It's also perfect for the family with beautiful insight into the Bermudian culture.

Learn more about Harbour Nights, here.

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