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Review: Lush Sympathy For The Skin

Before I tell you about this product, I would like to make you aware that this is solely based on my opinion and is in no way sponsored by the Lush company.

I received the Lush Sympathy for the Skin as a gift from a family member and was very anxious to try it. If you have not heard about Lush products, let me tell you what you need to know so that you can try it, too.

Lush products are freshly made from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, and the finest essential oils for your skin. The ingredients purchased are not conducted or commissioned tested on animals. They invent their own products and fragrances while making them by hand. How amazing is that!

What I like about Lush Sympathy for the skin.
  1. I love the way it leaves a soft, smooth feeling on my skin after using it. The lotion has great ingredients such as bananas, cocoa butter and almond oil. I believe the bananas does an amazing job in nourishing your skin while keeping the moisture in too. 
  2. The quality and quantity of this product is well worth purchasing. I enjoy when finding products that are not only great in price but are also long - lasting. I believe I received  this product last winter and I have used it since late winter/early Spring. (its does expire in Dec 2015) So I have to use it even more! 
  3. Every girl likes a great scent. The soft sweet smell of the vanilla and bananas is so pleasant and not overpowering. My husband loves it! 
What I don't like about Lush Sympathy for the skin.
To be honest, it's kind of hard to find anything that I don't like about this product. I just wish I would have known about it sooner!

Have you ever tried Lush products? If so, tell me about your experience?

To learn more about Lush, go the their website here

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