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Taja's Bucket List

Bucket List. The only list I have mentally kept and have not written down until NOW. The older I get the more I realize how important it is to enjoy life and try to accomplish all your hearts desires. 

In random order.
1 Write a book
2 Start my own magazine 
3 Become a published Writer
4 Travel to Paris to explore the Eiffel Tower 
5 Attend Milan Fashion Week
6 Meet my favorite childhood artist Nicole C. Mullen
7 Visit Japan and enjoy the culture for a month
8 Open my own clothing business
9 Fly on a private jet
10 Go to New York & Shop in Manhattan
11 Take a hot air ballon ride
12 Travel to California 
13 Visit Israel 
14 Live anywhere else for a year other than FL (don't worry I still ♥ you FL)
15 Be apart of Paris Fashion Week
16 Go on a boat ride with my significant other
17 Spend a week doing absolutely nothing but eating and basking at the beauty of Hawaii 
18 Go to every theme park in Orlando, FL
19 Learn how to drive stick shift 
20 Have a photo published in a magazine
21 Design my own dream home
22 Have my poems published 
23 Dye my hair (yes, I am too nervous to do this)
24 Play an instrument fluently 
25 Have Kids :D
26 Travel to a random destination with no itinerary 
27 Get featured in the media 
28 Visit London
29 Go parachuting
30 Win a Basketball State Championship in the FCL 
31 Stand in a red phone box in Bermuda 
32 Graduate from College with two degrees
33 Start a memory jar
34 Volunteer at a shelter 
35 Create a genealogy list
36 Be in a position to help others in need
37 Attend an NBA Finals Game
38 Meet Someone Famous 
39 Be on a radio show 
40 See a TED Talk Live
41 Spend a day at a Spa and get a full body massage 
42 Attend a taste testing 
43 Be a Tourist in your own town
44 Volunteer at a Leadership Forum and Meet Famous Influencers
45 Own a collection of magazines, old and new
46 Join a Book Club
47 Host a Twitter Party
48 Become a Mentor
49 Ride a Segway
50 Celebrate a holiday in Bahamas
51 Use three forms of transportation in New York in 1 day
52 Attend a local art gallery showing
53 Ride on a Subway
54 Send a message in a bottle 
55 Be in a pageant 
56 Go on a road trip with a friend
57 Walk the red carpet 
58 Take a photography class
59 Make a clay pot
60 Go on a Cruise
61 Go on a NO budget shopping spree 
62 Ride in a submarine 
63 Complete this Bucket List 

I am sure my list will grow over time but for now I am pleased at what I have accomplished and what I will explore in the future. :D

Do you have a Bucket List? If so, have you accomplished anything on that list? 


Life's a shoe said...

what a great bucket list!


Pellerini said...

Looks like you're doing well with your bucket list! I'd love to check out your magazine :)

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