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As the Summer comes to a close..

Since Fall begins on Wednesday, I thought I'd share my favorite memories of Summer through previous blog posts. 

From the beautiful beach waves to spending time with family - I am going to miss the warm rays Summer brings. 

1 Year Anniversary of My Magazine was released in June and I received so much love from the readers. I can't wait to see what's in store for us next year. 

Summer Vacation to Florida was a blast like every year. I enjoyed spending time away with my husband - especially the shopping that was included. :)

Bermuda Harbour Nights is a very festive evening. There were many vendors to shop from this Summer and a lot of entertainment from the Bermuda Gombeys and The Bermuda Regiment Band. 

I hosted my first Twitter Party this Summer with a fellow blogger and it went very well. I was very surprised at the feedback we received and how smoothly it went. I would love to do more! If you are a blogger and would like to collab, let's host a Twitter Party together! <3

I love fashion and I was so thrilled to attend this years Fashion Week in Bermuda. My favorite event was the International Designer Showcase, full of beautifully designed clothing with amazing talented designers from around the world. I'm so excited for next years show. 

What was your favorite part of Summer? Are you excited for Fall? 

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