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How I Save Money When Outlet Shopping

Happy Sunday all!

So this post is long over due as I found more images in my camera from our trip and forgot to share this very important post with you.

I wanted to give you a few links on how I saved money while outlet shopping. Did you know there are 103 more days left until Christmas?! I figured since the holidays are coming up, why not share this post with you now so that you can prepare to shop and save.

If you plan to do any outlet shopping, make sure you are getting the lowest price possible. Every outlet should have a savings book to help you get the most bang out of your buck.

Here are the links:
Style Pass - The Florida Mall (20% to 50% off)

VIP Coupon Book - Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets (15% - 40% off + additional savings w/ in-store coupons)

Take Advantage of Deals - My previous post on saving with iPhone apps and more
These coupon books are subject to change based on expiration date and value. Some stores offer twice the discount for in-store sales. GOTTA LOVE IT! :)

Please keep in mind that these savings are for the Orlando area, however, you can find similar savings if you do your research based on your location.

As seen in photo above: The Interval Gold Discounts for hotel, dining & more was offered through our time share package. If you are an AA member or own time share through your company, you should receive discounts as well for travel, etc. 

I hope this simple post has helped you to realize that you can rest easy knowing you are getting more for your buck! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

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