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My Family Recipe Memory Book

Happy Wednesday readers!

I'm very much a family person and I enjoy being apart of family traditions, especially during the holidays. Most of my fond memories are of family gatherings that involves home cooked meals with tons of food options including the tasteful desserts. 

My mother and grandmother have recipes from their mothers and for years - tried and true, are delicious and mouth-watering. Some are written down and some are stored in their head, but now they are in my new family recipe memory book. Since moving away, I realize how important it is to keep traditions and memories of your family with you as you get older so that you have something to pass down to your child(ren) - not yet but soon lol. So, I decided that recording my mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers recipes will help me to do just that!

So far, it's been a fun and rewarding experience, creating and logging my favorite dishes. I highly recommend every girl who enjoys cooking to create your own book of family recipes. 

What's inside my recipe memory book? 
Stock photo

My recipe book has 60 recipe journal pages, 8 pocket dividers, 8 magnetic photo pages, 8 splash guard sheets, and a ring bound. 
Stock photo

This recipe book preserves photos and heirloom recipe cards. It's not your average recipe book as it's the recollection of special meals shared in one binder! 

Currently, I have meals that my husband and I love as well as my favorite (Bermudian) sugar cookie recipe.

Do you have a recipe book? What family traditions do you enjoy the most? 

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