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My Favorite Body Mist for the Holidays

I've come to the conclusion that a woman is never fully dressed until she puts on her perfume. It's the finishing touch, the cherry on top when you get dressed for the day to make your mark on the world. I  have at least seven different fragrances for different occasions. But for this time of the year, it's all about the sweet and spicy scents that leave a long-lasting impression. 
Where to get these scents?  Electric Heart:  Rue 21 | Noir Tease:  Victoria's Secret 

These scents are my favorite for the holidays because of two reasons. I love how they smell and I have received more compliments when I wear them than any other perfume. The Electric Heart by Rue 21 has a spicy, fruity and electric scent that's irresistible. It's very addictive and has layers of smells throughout the day. Seriously! As the day went on, I found out the second layer of this scent feeds off a pineapple aroma. It's a great scent to wear to a holiday party.

As for Noir Tease, it's the ultimate mist with a warm enticing smell of black vanilla, pear and fresh flowers. I have worn this scent for as long as I've known it to be available and it last all day. I highly recommend Noir Tease for a night out with your significant other and pair it with the lotion - it's absolutely amazing. My husband loves it!  I will be wearing this scent for our Wedding Anniversary dinner.

Which one of these fragrances would you try? I would love to hear about your favorite perfumes. Comment below. 

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