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What I'm Thankful For...

Thanksgiving, a day celebrated in America; giving thanks for everything we're grateful for. I thought I'd share a small list of some of the things that I am grateful for: 

I am grateful for...

Life, health and strength as we take this for granted everyday.

The best of both worlds. Who can say they've lived in countries with the best beaches and shopping malls in the world. 

My loving and patient husband, who works so hard and gives so much to everyone around him.

My wonderful parents, who taught me to enjoy life, love often and value hard work. 

Family, I love you all! 

I am grateful for...

Chocolate chip cookies. You make me happy! :D

The people who I've encountered so far in this life journey. You have all taught me a valuable lesson in one way or another. 

My friends who are honest and genuine with me. Thanks for being you and allowing me to be genuine with you. 

The ability to use and access technology. Boy, how it makes life so much easier. 

French Vanilla Cappuccino. You make winter days feel like summer nights. 

Seasons. I wouldn't be who I am today without them. 

I am grateful for...

God. He never changes. He remains the same - just as he promised. I am forever grateful! :)

The Bermuda Bliss Team. Without the writers, photographers and community of Bermuda, the publication would not reach so many people with inspiring stories.

& You (my readers!)  I am so grateful for your comments, and emails. It's been a wonderful year on the Shavae Blog. Thank you for being AMAZING! 

What are you grateful for? 

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