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Review: Orogold 24K Deep Peeling. Does it really work?

Finding the perfect exfoliating product can be intimidating. Sometimes you spend too much money on products in hopes it will actually work or the products aren't always available. After hearing about Orogold, I thought I'd share my experience on this product.

The 24K Deep Peeling gel from Orogold Cosmetics is designed to help remove build up on the outermost layers of your skin. It's formulated with Gold as well as ingredients like Acid (Vitamin C) and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E).

The use of 'Gold' in skincare can be misunderstood by the consumers, which is beneficial to marketers in the end. The 24K Deep Peeling gel is not a mineral with healing capabilities, it's a metal with a goal to 'look good'. Talk about a luxury product, the packing is very appealing!

I was given this item as a gift with many other Orogold Cosmetic products (which I will post about later) and I can't really complain but I am here to tell you my honest opinion about this product. Is this product worth the cost? Does it work?

This product is designed to exfoliate the skin and promises to remove a thin layer of dead skin cells to reveal smooth and youthful skin. It is recommended to use once a week in a circular motion over the skin when applying.

Each package comes with a 'certificate of authenticity' to reassure you, "It does work". The certificate states the product contains Pure 24K Gold from Italy. And it does! It contains food-grade gold leaf.  However, by the size placed in the product and the thickness of the gel, it's unlikely to have any impact on your skin. After using this product on my skin, I noticed the gel tends to crumble up. I'm not sure if its based on the amount that I use or if it's 'really' working... So I'm not convinced with the peeling method.
I have also noticed that it does leave your skin feeling soft and smooth - just as an exfoliator is suppose to. I give Orogold points for this. :)

All in all, its a gentle exfoliating product which could be more effective based on how often you use the product. Is it worth the price? I wouldn't pay for it. However, if it DOES work for you than continue using it.

This is not a paid review. All opinions are my own. 

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