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Blogging Essentials I can't live without

photo source: ashleyelladesign

As a blogger there are a number of tools you have to use on a daily basis and I don't think I would be able to effectively run a blog without them. Here are the essential tools I can't live without:

MacBook Pro with Retina display: I was always a Dell user until MacBooks came into my life. Its not only a tool but its an experience. Everything about my macbook is user friendly, swift and clean. It makes my life a lot easier when planning posts and organizing files. 

Nikon D80 Zoom Lens & Prime Lens: I'm still learning much about my camera, however, I don't think I would have any visual content without my Nikon. Its playing such a huge role in molding and growing my audience. 

Editorial Calendar: Because my schedule is not only complied with blog posts, its also consists of meetings (I'm a magazine editor, too) so I have to be very wise when it comes to scheduling anything in one area. With that said,  I use the iCalendar, Reminders app, and my PlanAhead Planner to keep track of my content and posting schedule. For me, I need to visually see what is coming up as well as hear a simple nudge from my electronic device. This gives me no excuse to plan accordingly. 

My Passport: No, this is not a document to identify myself when traveling. I am referring to my external drive. I would panic if I lost all of my hard work simply because I didn't want to take the time to save it on an external hard drive. It's worth the investment.

Tripod: This is so helpful when you don't want shaky photos. I use this quite often for simple styled shots so that I can take quicker photos without any hassle. If you really want to be a super tripod user, I would encourage you to also get a remote that works with most DSLRs. They are super cheap on amazon. :)

Lighting: I have a lighting kit that I purchased a while back just for personal use. Now, I use it more to enhance the photos of items that I am sharing on the blog. If you are a vlogger or do a lot of beauty posts, I would suggest purchasing a ring light. They are amazing! 

Backdrops: Taking a photo is one thing, but having the right backdrop will complete the entire look of your photo. I not only have a canvas backdrop but I also have various types of fabrics used for visual interest. Try going to your local fabric store and purchase various textile fabrics - you will be surprised at what you can create from a simple backdrop.

What are your blogging essentials? 

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