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Review: #BermudaRW - Jasmine Lounge

Bermuda Restaurant Week returns with Bermuda inspired three course menus at some of the finest restaurants across the island. If you are a foodie, this is the perfect time to splurge on a great meal or two. The prices are affordable and the dining experience is memorable. My first stop of Bermuda Restaurant week was Jasmine Lounge at Fairmount Southampton. I always love the atmosphere of Jasmine Lounge and didn't think twice as to which menu I wanted to try first. 

See below what I selected to enjoy:
For starters, I ordered the Pull Pork Tacos with avocado, quest fresco, sour cream, & tomatoes. Although the lounge was full of customers, I received the appetizer within 10 minutes. The pull pork tacos were fully flavored and a fun appetizer. I enjoyed every single bite and barely taste the tomatoes or quest fresco. The taco shell was light as well. All in all, it was delicious.  
Now for the main course, I ordered the Rooster Wooster (sounds funny, eh?! :D) This was a crispy chicken sandwich with ranch dressing and pickled red onion on top, accompanied by hot sauce. The combination of sauces were perfect for the sandwich. Boy, I loved the hot sauce. This sandwich was so amazing. I started to get full after the first few bites as I munched on the lightly salted fries, but kept stuffing my face because it was sooooo tasty!! Even though I wasn't able to finish my main course because I was saving room for dessert, I would definitely recommend the Rooster Wooster. You won't regret it. And might I add the bun was very fresh and moist, too. 

For my favorite part of the meal, the dessert! I selected the Pineapple upside down cake with pineapple caramel sauce and coconut ice cream. Before I get into my favorite part of the meal, I have to say I am a professional dessert eater. I love cakes, donuts, and especially ice cream. It's in my blood lol. However, I didn't quite enjoy the 'cake'. It was not as moist as I expected it to be but the flavour was definitely there. The coconut ice cream complimented it well as it was a soft touch to the pineapple caramel sauce.  Overall, I enjoyed my dessert. I can't wait to see which restaurant I will be enjoying next. Which restaurant should I try next?
If you have never attended Bermuda Restaurant Week, I strongly suggest that you go out and enjoy this dining experience. Learn more about Bermuda Restaurant Week at the links provided below: 
About Bermuda Restaurant Week and Island Cuisine
#BermudaRW Lineup & Menus 

Comment below if you are participating in BermudaRW and let me know which restaurants you are dining at. :)

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