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My Ten Favorite iPad Apps

My iPad is my little computer. Where ever I go, it goes. I enjoy the luxury of having my iPad while I'm on the go because it beats carrying my laptop everywhere. The best part of my iPad is benefiting from the many apps that keep me social savvy, organised and efficient. See which apps are my favorite and why.

Blogger App - This app is very essential to me as a blogger. When I am traveling, its the quickest way that I can compose a post to share immediately on the blog. 

Bloglovin - I enjoy the ability to quickly access my favorite topics and videos from great bloggers and vloggers from across the world. This app is my 'news' app as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. The quickest way I can stay up to date right at my finger tips.

Crowdfire - I've been using this app for almost a month now which I can't believe I am just catching onto it. Crowdfire tends to be the perfect essential for the use of Twitter and Instagram. I enjoy the option of being able to send a welcome message to new Twitter followers and being able to schedule Instagram posts in advance. 

Colorstory - Although this app is free, the best available filters are paid, only. I like this app to help create an entirely differently look to my landscaping images. It also has the ability to add movable effects to images as well. 

Hulu - Who doesn't love HULU?! There are many days where my schedule takes me away from the television, but thankfully I am able to catch up on my favorite shows because of Hulu. Thanks Hulu for being my weekend friend. :)

Netflix - Another favorite for Saturday night movies & tv shows. Do I really need to explain why? 

Facebook Pages Manager - Because I manage multiple Facebook Pages, the app allows me to  connect with the audience and quickly access all accounts at once. Quick feedback and easy sharing. It's amazing! 

Pinterest - I use Pinterest daily as I find a lot of great reading material, recipes, DIY and outfit ideas to wear on days I can't find an outfit to put together. This app is a great tool to showcase what inspires you and share with others what you have found. 

Tumblr - I find Tumblr to be a great resource for everything under the sun. If you are looking for photos, videos, GIFs  from your favorite musicians or publications, Tumblr is the perfect app for you. It's a great feed to enjoy plus it user-friendly! 

Yummy - I enjoy cooking and eating, too! Yummly is the perfect app for those go-to recipes while personalizing your shopping list. If you can't figure out what to make with that one egg, Yummly's search engine can help you with that. :)

What apps do you enjoy on your tablet? 

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