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A Lazy Weekend, it was..

This past weekend was a lazy one. A much needed lazy one. I spent most of my week making plans, getting things together for the months to come and questioned if I should place another reminder in my iphone. (If my phone could talk it would say, "Give me a break." lol) 

I'm so thankful for weekends! It gave me time to just relax and do absolutley nothing. I could wear what I want, style my hair how I wanted and think about what I should watch on Netflix instead of worrying about what task I have to complete next on my agenda.  However, I do prefer a schedule. It keeps me on my toes because I can easily get bored. Do you have a short attention span? I like being busy as I feel more accomplished at the end of the day. 

On Saturday, I made breakfast in bed with peppermint tea, so lovely and caught up on my favorite shows on Hulu. Can you believe I missed Scandal last week?! I also responded to a few emails.

The only thing I really set for my agenda this weekend was to condition my hair which I accomplished on Sunday morning. YES! It took forever to get my strands completely dry as I didn't want to catch a cold after going outdoors. It was a bit cool.

I also meal prepped for the week making Tortellini Soup with italian sausage and spinach. It's one of my favs! 

What did you do this past weekend? 
Did you have a semi-productive weekend or were you lazy like me? (:

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