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Black Opal Wishlist

I'm starting to take more interest in beauty products (beyond the usual lipgloss or mascara) after purchasing the Lustre Lipgloss from Black Opal (see here). I was amazed at how much of the gloss remained after just a few hours. Usually, when I purchase any lipstick or gloss from a drugstore, it tends to last just an hour. 

I am truly impressed. 

Because I had such a good experience with Black Opal, I decided to create a wishlist of products that I am interested in trying. Since shopping is my pastime, I'm sure I will collect the items within the month.

Here is my Black Opal Wishlist (scroll down for product info): 

The most wanted item I really can't wait to purchase is the Even True Moisturizer. As the season transitions to a warmer climate, it's definitely needed to protect my skin. 

Share which product you would have in your wishlist by commenting in the box below. Thanks for reading! 

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