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Getting use to my Fujifilm Instax Mini

A month ago, you may recall a blog post I wrote on My Current Favorites with the Instax Mini Polaroid Camera. With the rainy season here, I have been able to enjoy spending time at home while learning its camera's settings. Having to adjust from a DSLR and not knowing what to expect before the photo comes out was quite the learning experience for me, however, I enjoy being able to have the image developed right in front of me - no need for photo paper or ink.
I also like how compact the camera is and how easy it is to fit into your bag. You only have one shot to make the image right, which can make it extra special. As for the quality of photos, I have noticed some images came out perfectly and others have developed a blurry film. It's not easy getting the perfect shot on the first go.

I've learned the best images come from natural lighting with a lighter background. Also, having someone else to take photos of yourself helps just as much, too.

See some of the images below.

Do you have an Instax Mini Polaroid Camera? If so, what was your first impression? Leave me a comment below. 

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