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Home Decor Wishlist

With Spring comes new decor! If you follow me on Pinterest, you'd noticed one of my boards are all about home decor. I adore interior decorating. It fascinates me how you can add simple detailing to a room or area and make it look entirely different. I am currently adding storage containers in our place because we have accumulated way too much. I need all items to be organised to function.

I thought I'd share some of these awesome home decor finds that I came across recently. I have been on a copper/rose gold obsession and hope to pick up some of these pieces to spruce up our place. I am so excited to finish this project.

If I can get my home office to look right, I will definitely share it with you guys. 
Where to buy:
  1. Square Glass Box
  2. Metal Wire Basket
  3. Storage Basket 
  4. Clear Glass Box
  5. Stoneware Container 
  6. Metal Storage Box
  7. Candle Glass Holder 
  8. Glass Vase
  9. Metal Bowl
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