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Weekend in New York City

If you have to take a short trip, I would suggest going to New York 'The city that never sleeps'. New York is a place where I shop, go to the theatre, and enjoy a huge slice of pizza. Their pizza is delicious! My weekend in New York was a quick and enjoyable one.  I went to a friends wedding and sadly these photos were not taken from my DSLR camera - all from a mobile device. So please excuse the quality of photos.  

The best part of traveling is discovering new things. The Cake Tin in the John F. Kennedy airport has cute, upscale cupcakes (as well as other baked goodies). Prepare to cure your sweet tooth. I love adorable shops like these. 

After the airport discovery, it was an adventurous travel in the city. You will never know the meaning of rush hour until you are hunting down a taxi and trying to catch the train to get to your final destination. Even though traffic can be a hassle, it's amazing to see the BIG city in its entirety. 
Although the trip was short, I thoroughly enjoyed the Bed and Breakfast. It's always nice to feel at home, away from home. The bed and breakfast had the cutest garden where we took pictures and a quaint kitchen where you are welcome to fix any meal you like throughout the day. 

What do suggest doing on a short trip to the Big Apple? Let me know in the comment box below. 

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