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Travel Apps to Better Your Summer Vacation

Hi everyone! So I am preparing for my summer trip and thought I should share a few travel apps to help you during your vacation. There are apps for just about anything these days, and thankfully we have access to travel apps which are very useful.

With these apps, you will find help in every aspect of your trip; from flights to the best shopping centers and restaurants in the area. Check out this list for your travel needs.

Hopper: If you are planning a trip a year in advance or a trip just days away and want to save, Hopper is the app for you. It provides you with the average most affordable prices for your selected flight. Simply reference your destination and travel dates and Hopper will tell you what days you should travel with future predictions. 

Packing Pro: Enjoy being really organized during your trip? This app provides a packing list sharing cloud, a huge master catalog and the ability to edit and import documents. It's the perfect travel companion you've always needed.

Foursquare: I personally use this app quite a bit locally and abroad. Foursquare offers reviews and the top places to shop, dine and visit during your stay. Want to know the best dish to order at a specific restaurant? People like you and I share their favorite within the foursquare app. I find it helpful and comforting to know its an app you can trust for an honest opinion. 

Tripomatic: This app is similar to Foursquare. It helps you discover where you should shop and dine, and it's also a travel guide. What makes this app more unique is the ability to provide multiple features when you are offline. Most apps don't work offline which could cause a traveler to panic. No matter where you go, the trip planner will help make a great itinerary while you enjoy your travels. 

MAPS.ME: Another offline app, MAPS.ME allows you to navigate through any country to your final destination or adventure without the need for wifi. It works on mobile devices with the ability to zoom in and zoom out of a specific area for your convenience. This app is a necessity when visiting new places. 

Speedspot: I am so happy someone has provided a wifi database app for internet users like myself. This app tests the speed of internet connections and adds your result to the speedspots wifi database. It only takes 20 seconds and you can track your past results. Download this app if you need to upload big files in a short time span. 

Smartlayover: Layovers are never fun with too much time on your hand. Use this app to  have some fun and never get bored. You can book your layover entertainment directly from this app and receive flight alerts letting you know when to head back to the airport. 

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