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#NewYorkCity TV & Movie Tour with On Location Tours

When visiting New York, one of the many thoughts that pop into your mind are what movie or tv show will I see filming today, right?  Well, New York is known for its iconic landmarks of places filmed in popular movies like Spiderman,  Rush Hour 3 and even Ghostbusters. It's exciting being able to see reality vs fiction. 

After moving to an island where most celebrity music videos and photo shoots are taken, I thought it would be fitting to scout movie locations with On Location Tours. While they have a couple of tour options in New York, I decided on the New York City TV & Movie Tour. This tour takes you through neighborhoods and locations seen on film, making it a good way to see most of the city. 
When checking - in with the tour guide, we are given options to pick up a quick drink or snack before entering the bus as the tour is 2 1/2 hours long. We had three stops along the way and in between routes we drove past a number of known areas where movies and tv shows were filmed. 

A few of my favorite stops were the iconic headquarters of the first Ghostbusters, the Firehouse in Tribeca and the Greenwich Village, home of television show Friends. Although the presence of the Firehouse was being renovated that day, it was still a site to see. Both locations are huge influences on movies and tv shows made in New York, especially with the success of Friends which takes place in an old apartment building on Bedford Street. 
While the tour is primarily about movies and where locations were filmed, our tour guide gave us historical tidbits about the buildings and the restaurant; seen in the photo below. We even had movie trivia along the way.

The tour guide was also generous enough to give us a treat during the bus ride. It was the well-known 'Beigels Black and White Cookie' not the same size as the one seen in Seinfeld, but just as tasty.

Can you identify at least one film from the images above? 

The photos shown above and below are located at Washington Square Park where I Am Legend was filmed. This was such a huge part of the movie that filmmakers convinced authorities to close off busy areas of the city like Grand Central Terminal and Washington Square Park. If this film caught your eye, I would recommend going on the New York City TV & Movie Tour. 

What You Should Know? 

If you are expecting to walk and take pictures for the majority of the tour then maybe you should choose a walking new york tour. This tour is mostly a bus tour and provides a few stops where photo ops are possible. 

For tickets, purchase them at, with adults costing $43 and children $27. Prices may vary. If you are booking tickets, they recommend you to get there early, and I highly encourage you to do just that. The tour leaves as scheduled and there is no possibility of catching up.

Love movies? This is the tour for you! While learning so much about previous movies, we were able to see film and tv show spots for current and new recordings being made.

Note: On Location Tours provided me with two complimentary tickets. However, all opinions are my own. 

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