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Beauty Finds: A Month-In Review

Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I have reviewed a product or shared any products on this blog for that matter, so this particular post is long overdue. I purchased these products in New York and have heard of them for quite some time. I was in search for a good conditioner/moisturizer for my natural texture while giving it the proper shine it needs. I go through a lot of conditioners to maintain looks in and between hairstyles. So, I thought I'd give these brands a try! 

It has been a journey, searching for a natural conditioner/moisturizer with a great smell that actually works. I can't count how many hours it takes to wash, detangle and condition my hair. It's not only exhausting but also time-consuming. I realized that I need to get this hair thing under control before I do something drastic like relaxing my hair. 

After spending a bit of time deciphering which products would work best for me, I found that Curls Unleased Intense Hair Conditioner and Lavish Curls Moisturizer could fix my issues of time wasted and exhaustion. Read below to learn how each product differs and their benefits. 

Curls Unleashed Sage & Kiwi Intense Hair Conditioner 
Based on the description, Curls Unleashed Sage & Kiwi Intense Conditioner is great for added moisture, co-washing, detangling and its BPA free. After adding this conditioner to my hair for five minutes, as directed, I learned it does a pretty good job at coating my hair and detangling it. Plus it saves time when I'm in a hurry! 

However, the product itself is thick and slips due to its creamy consistency. It also softens my already soft hair while keeping the level of frizziness down. Overall, this conditioner is okay. It does detangle, soften and adds moisture to your hair as it says, but it does not differ from the other products I've used; not to mention there is a slight residue left on your hair. I wouldn't purchase this product again simply because it's pricey and it doesn't live up to its standards.  

Lavish Curls Moisturizer
I purchased the Lavish Curls Moisturizer because I wanted a product that could moisturize my hair daily. After looking at its ingredients I was excited to try something that could refresh my hair. When I used the product, I noticed it leaves a dry and flaky look. I also noticed that you can't use too much of the product. It can later leave your hair hardened and sticky, however, it works perfectly on freshly washed hair just for the day. I'm not sure if it effectively moisturized my hair, but I do know it could at least work for the one day of use. :)

I wouldn't recommend this product because it acts like a spritz instead of a nourishing hair product. 

Comment in the box below if you had similar experiences with any of the products. What products are you currently using to condition and moisturize your strands? 

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