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How I Pamper Myself at Home

After a busy week, I can think of nothing better but to treat myself and indulge in some of my favorite things without leaving my home. Not only is this kinder on my wallet, but it allows me to relax in the comfort of my own home and I can take my sweet time doing so. Here are my pampering essentials right at home. 


To begin my evening, I like to take a nice warm shower while allowing my facial mask to take its course. This particular mask was the first of many I've used. I like to use this product because it instantly leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. It's wonderful. I also like that the packaging allows a quick disburst of the product without taking too much of time to empty the packet. This is one of my favorite at home pampering essentials.


Now that the shower is complete and I have the chance to file and shape my nails, it's time to give it the shine it needs. I've had this tea tree oil for over a year now. It has a soft scent and lasts for a while. It only takes a small drop to smooth over nails after a manicure and pedicure. The oil seals in the shine while softening my cuticules. Clean and healthy nails makes me happy.


When the weather gets cooler, I have learned pedicures and manicures are essential to protecting my nails. I love being able to polish my nails, another way of relaxing and unwinding. This particular polish I picked up is called, "Refining with the Infinite Crowd." This polish can be used as a regular polish or a gel. It's long lasting and it has a gorgeous shine. I'm currently using this color after a pedicure. 


I love a good magazine. I find magazines are still important to me as a writer and editor. It not only gives me inspiration but it simply soothes me. Catching up on the latest beauty and lifestyle trends is a bit of therapy for me. I also love that I am able to catch articles that you may not be able to read anywhere else. 


Of course, this needs no explanation. A girl loves her chocolate! :)

What products do you use to pamper yourself at home? 

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