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Hotel Review | Wyndham Garden LaGuardia South Hotel

All opinions are my own. 

How lucky am I that I can take a quick trip to New York at any time. Only to be 2 hours from the city that never sleeps. If you've been to Bermuda, you know most trips take at least two flights and 4 hours or more just to get to your final destination. Even better I get to stay at Wyndham and enjoy all that New York has to offer when I'm this close to the city. Let me tell you about my stay here...

I think you all can relate to these criteria, but after traveling I would like to be in a place where it has everything I need. Is my environment clean, not only in my hotel room but also outside the vicinity? Is my location friendly and safe? I've come to the conclusion that not all places can be home away from home. When booking your stay, remember to always keep in mind the purpose of the trip and what you are trying to accomplish. I tend to look for places that are close to where I need to be while providing a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

Booking with Wyndham was easy because I visited during the off-season and found myself staying outside of the city but close to all public transportation. I booked a standard room with a queen size bed. For my first experience at a Wyndham hotel, I was pleased with the service and location; however, the size of the room was not what I expected.

Here's what I rated this hotel stay on the scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. *Please keep in mind, during my stay the fitness center was not yet completed. 

Service: 8
I arrived at Wyndham early in the morning. Hotel check-in wasn't until 3 pm, however, they still accommodated me sooner than expected. Everyone at Wyndham Garden was very nice, from the administration to the housekeepers and chefs. They all were helpful, friendly, and knew the meaning of good service. Also, they provided fresh fruit infused water upon entering the hotel daily.

Location: 8
Wyndham Garden LaGuardia South is perfectly located near two malls, a few shopping centers and my favorite place, Starbucks. The hotel was very cozy, uniquely designed and had its own flare for the classic New York lover. If you are ready to explore nearby attractions, there is a subway just one block from the hotel. So it's peaceful but not too far from city fun.

Room: 6
As stated above, I stayed in a standard room with a queen size bed. I have to tell you the bed was EXTREMELY comfortable where some days I did not want to leave the room. Since it was a new facility I was able to enjoy it more. The bathroom mirror had a ring of lighting that was fabulous (I'm sure all my beauty bloggers out there would appreciate this) and the shower was simply divine with its unique design.

The only negatives I have was the size of the room which was a bit exaggerated after reviewing on the company's website (although new york is known for smaller size rooms). Space is very narrow with not too much wiggle room. Also, if you aren't an early riser you would be a tad bit upset to be woken up by the drilling and banging coming from the fitness center. The walls are quite thin, where you're able to hear people talking through a muffled like tone, but not thin enough to hear word for word. All in all, my sleep was amazing and I can't complain because the room did serve its purpose.

Food: 5
Since breakfast wasn't included with the accommodation, we had the option to go out for meals or order from Blvd Bistro and Bar, a restaurant in partnership with the hotel to provide meals for the guests. What I enjoyed about this is the convenience of having food delivered right to my room and not expecting the ordinary hotel food. We had a choice between Asian cuisine to American. I must say it was a good variety of food that you wouldn't mind having, however, I wasn't amazed by the taste. There is also an option for Starbucks which is on the opposite side of the hotel's main entrance.

Recommendation: 6.5
I would recommend a stay at Wyndham only for small parties (two persons in one room) or for those going on a quick business trip. Why? Well, as I mentioned before the rooms are quite small, however, it's sleek and unique design is perfect for those single to small parties. It's a well-organized facility with great service and neighborly location. Would you stay here? 

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